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Height: 27.8mm (without drip tip & 510 pin)
Deck Diameter: 24.5mm
Drip Tip: 810 resin drip tip
E-liquid Capacity: 3.1ml (4.0ml bubble tube included)
Filling Method: Top filling
Airflow Type: Top airflow
Coil Type: Mesh coil
Insulator Material: German PEEK
Threading: 510 thread

Standard EditionTPD EditionUK Edition
Standard Edition

What’s In The Package

· 1pc Profile M RTA
· 1pc Extra 810 Drip Tip
· 1pc PCTG Bubble Tube 4ml
· 1pc Clapton Mesh A1+Ni80 0.15Ω
· 1pc Classic Wotofo Mesh A1 0.18Ω
· 1pc nexMESH A1 0.13Ω
· 1pc User Manual
· 1pc Bending Tool
· 1pc Accessory Bag
· 1pc Cross Head Screwdriver
· 3pcs 6mm Thick Cotton Strip

wotofo nexMESH pro tank package standard

wotofo profile m rta boom

The Secret Advantage
Of Being Short

Structurally, being short makes vapor travel less to get into your mouth, thus being better in retaining the original flavor of your e-liquid.

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All Engineered For Accurate
Air Distribution

The Profile M has a subtlety designed top airflow system. Air gets in from the slanted path, and splits into multiple streams by the honeycombed chamber ceiling, then hits directly onto the heating mesh, sizzling all the flavors out.

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No Worries,
It Never Leaks!

Besides its capability to produce immense flavor, the Profile M RTA is made to be leak-free, since it indeed is your right to have a troubleless vape.

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All the original Profile RDA meshes can work with the Profile M RTA. And a smaller Clapton mesh is now added to the family, which means you can also use it on your Profile RDA.

nexMESH Clapton S

nexMESH Clapton S
Mesh-style Clapton
Mixed and Maximized Performance

Material: A1+Ni80
Resistance: 0.15Ω
Power Range: 55W-65W


Classic Wotofo Mesh

Classic Wotofo Mesh
Honeycomb Structure
Warm and Smooth Performance

Material: A1
Resistance: 0.18Ω
Power Range: 45W-65W


nexMESH A1

nexMESH A1
Triple Density Meshing
Vigorous and Intense Performance

Material: A1
Resistance: 0.13Ω
Power Range: 60W-70W


manik pod mod coil

nexMESH SS316L
Triple Density Meshing
Clear and Soft Performance

Material: SS316L
Resistance: 0.15Ω
Power Range: 50W-80W

(sold separately)

Classic Profile Mesh
Clamping Method

You’ll feel easy with the already proved simple-to-build deck. Just put the mesh in, secure it, wick it, and enjoy it.

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To fill the tank, you just push open the top cap, and the filling hole will be revealed.

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