Kangerm E-Hookah / E-Shisha Innovator 218W + Base RBA

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Product Description
Product Name
Kangerm Innovator E Shisha Head
Stainless Steel
Vape and Shisha Lounge
Range of Wattage
10 Watts to 218 Watts
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Model: Kangerm Innovator E-hookah Head
Capacity of Tank: 30ml
Startup Type: Control by Bluetooth
Battery: Use 2 or 4 pieces 18650 high drain batteries
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Kangerm 218W Innovator E shisha Head support finished coil and RBA coil.
RBA coil set can meet the different needs of various people. Spend less during us, just change the cotton in the coil. Highly recommended for vape lovers。
Finished coil is simpler and easier to use, just change a new coil after the old coil burned. For a finished coil can use for 100 to 150ml liquids.More recommended hookah lounge choose to use.
In the original factory packing, will with 1 piece finished coil, without RBA coil. For RBA coil we will have the individual package, if you need it, just do not hesitate buy from us.
Product Usage
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1. Open the Base Adapter, screw the coil in it. Beside the coil, there have 4 holes can refill totally 30ml liquid. After filled the liquid, put the Base Adapter on the E hookah head.

Product Battery

2. Open the battery cap on the top, insert 2 or 4 pieces 18650 batteries. Batteries should be 30A above. ( You must confirm the Positive and Negative electrodes )



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